Do Not Set Yourself Up to Fail

We all have a number of violets we work with at home.

It has occurred to me that a systematic procedure for discussions about growing
will be beneficial as we plan our Society’s meetings for 2011.

There is no secret that some varieties are easier to grow than others. To begin

the journey with a variety that gives extra challenge from the get-go can be
down right discouraging; we can set ourselves up for failure.

Confidence is the secret to success.

Start with varieties that practically guarantee success. ¬†Holtkamp Greenhouses’ Optimara violets fit the bill . They are readily available.

Everyone develops a fondness for some special African violet characteristic.

Maybe girl foliage is a special delight. Others love violets with variegated
foliage. A trailing growth pattern, sporting hundreds of blossoms on each plant
makes me envious, I feel I must try to grow one. Large plants, miniature
plants, yellow flowers, double flowers, wasp flowers, even bustled leaves are

These fancier violets need more specialized care.

They take practice. Growing a challenging plant along side an easily grown
specimen like an Optimara lets me observe the difference as the two grow.

We all dream of having the best grown

Each member is presented a small plant each year to grow for our April show and sale.

Here is my suggestion:

What if we have three plants we concentrate on, specifically observing for
discussions at our PAVS meetings in 2011?

The rest of our collection can not help but benefit from what these three
“charges” teach us.

Each member will focus on three plants during the next year:

  1. Optimara variety of choice
  2. Named variety of choice
  3. Assigned project plant

———————————–AFRICAN VIOLETS ARE FUN!! GROW ONE!!….OR 2 OR 3 OR………………………………………..

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