Benefits of Club Membership

 Greatest  Benefits 

The simple pleasure of meeting  face-to-face to discuss growing African  Violets is  one of the main reasons for being part of an African Violet Club.

Whether a ‘Newbie’ who has never grown African Violets or a more experienced grower, each of us contributes information,  learns different methods for growing, shares  successes and challanges.

All of us learn to put aside our FEAR of the African Violet which seems so intimidating because  we  do not understand its simply needs—potting mixture, moisture , light.

“Rabbit ears” 

Nothing can compare to the thrill of finding the first tiny ‘rabbit ear’ on that leaf which sat  in a cup for a couple months,seeming to do nothing! that first bloom! Nothing compares to the excitement we feel.  It is hard not to become teary eyed  when we see tiny green specks where we planted invisible seeds three weeks before!

Just know each of us will share the excitement of your success as you tell us about it at our next meeting.

Be An Active Club Member

 No club functions without a lot of  behind the scenes participation.  Elected officers accept the responsibilities to present effective club functions, yet each member can make the load lighter in so many small ways.

None of us devotes his time exclusively to African Violets, but each of us can accept the responsibilty to help the club be its best.


How might we help?  Ask yourself a few questions–think about it!

  • Could  I offer to follow-up on members who miss a meeting
  • Would I be  willing to co-ordinate some simple activity
  • Will I share the benefits of  my unique talent
  • Am I willing to speak before the group
  • Have I asked: What can I do to help?

Actively Support your Club’s  affliation with the  National and Regional Societies

  • African Violet Society of America (AVSA) receive 6 issues of the beautiful full color publication the AFRICAN VIOLET MAGAZINE  
  • My club is also  an affiliate of Dixie African Violet Society (DAVS)

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Club Membership

  1. “How do I do this?”

    Sorry, I do not understand what you are asking.

    If you are asking how to join a club, you must find a club in your area.

    In most cases you simply attend meetings of the group after paying a small annual fee to join.

    Most groups ask that you pay a membership due if you plan to attend a certain number of meetings (at least 3 in my group) to help pay for project plants, etc.

    Lane Cockrell


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