The Seed’s Story Two Months After Sowing

I sowed my seeds March 22, 2010.   Since I was going to demonstrate seed sowing at our African Violet Society meeting I wanted to have   actual seedlings to show.    I succeeded, but it was nothing short of a miracle.

Mistake number one was using such a small container.  If I was not going to try to transport them 200 miles the container would have been fine.   It is difficult to have a steady hand with that much moving.

Mistake number two was forgetting I am clumsy.

Seedlings 4-7-10

First I accidentally dumped the container immediately after planting part of the pack of

2 surviving plants 4-29-10

seeds.   I said a little prayer, uprighted the  container, (the lid had saved a total dump), then sprinkled  the rest of the pack on the mix;  a few germinated by time I headed to Myrtle Beach meeting.

After the meeting I was moving things around the room and a third time accidentally

knocked the container over, this time spilling everything out into a larger box it was sitting in.   I spent about 30 minutes with tweezer and a bright light trying to fine very tiny green specks in that little

Growing May 10, 2010

pile of mix in the box.   I actually found three plants!

Planted, fertilized and growing 5-29-10

Two of those three plants have survived until today.  They are very healthy little plants , sprinting toward blooming, I


I have jokingly said these violets will be Traj and Edy no matter what they look like.

Miniature trailers that stood the test of my ineptness.  They have been subjected to several moments of  Tragedy!

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